Pod system

Pod system E2

  • Heater optical automatic inspection

    Strictly inspect the coil winding spacing to make the heating even and prevent the burning

  • Liquid flow guide control technolog

    Our patented liquid flow guide control technology can control the liquid flowing rate, it eliminates the liquid leakag

  • Unique airway design

    Design with the airway software simulation and develop a unique airway , it makes our products perform more smooth and softer

  • Self patented dual liquid flow guide technology

    Improve the atomization, avoid the burning and liquid leakage.

patented technology designs make the product perform better

Heater automation inspection

Liquid flow control technology

Unique air flow design

Self dual liquid flow control technology

Many flavors for your selection

Classic tobacco




Watermelon smoothie

Milk tea with brown sugar

Frozen pineapple

Lemon Cola

Product parameters

Configure Parameter
Size 107 x 20 x 11.12(mm)
Material Aluminum alloy shell, PCTG pods
Battery capacity 350mAh
Liquid capacity 2.0mL
Output Voltage 3.5V~4.2V
Coil resistance 1.8 ohm
Heater elements cotton+316L